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Coach Hicks is dedicated to tirelessly assisting each athlete he mentors in realizing their athletic aspirations. He achieves this by nurturing them to reach their utmost potential through the foundational principles of fundamental functional movement. Moreover, Coach Hicks is unwavering in his commitment to fostering your success, both on and off the field.

My Story

About Me

Don Hicks, Personal Trainer, GX Bolt 963 Trainer,
Rocktape Certified Specialist

My Story

Don Hicks, a coach and trainer of exceptional expertise, specializes in fostering a positive self-image through athlete development. With a keen eye for intricate details, Coach Hicks embraces the challenge of nurturing athletes who have often faced repeated discouragement by emphasizing fundamental and functional movement techniques.

Coach Hicks’s own journey carries a unique and inspiring resilience. Having triumphed over a severe skull injury that led to medical professionals saying “never again,” he underwent a remarkable process of relearning movement using well-established methods. This transformative experience ignited his passion for delving into the science of the human body, with a particular focus on dynamic range of motion and retraining muscles and the nervous system to help athletes achieve their dreams.

My Mission

Coach Don Hicks collaborates with athletes across the spectrum, encompassing youth, collegiate, and professional levels, across various sports. His deep knowledge centers on dynamic range of motion and functional movement. Hicks holds the prestigious USA Level I coaching certification, is a certified Rocktape FMT Specialist, and boasts GX Bolt 963 trainer credentials. Furthermore, he is the visionary founder of the Team Xtreme Elite Performance & Development Center, as well as a dedicated mentor to a thriving youth track team.

Features & Benefits

Tailored Athletic Training

Our training program is designed to cater to each athlete’s specific sport, with a sharp focus on refining movement, drills, and strength enhancement.

Our primary objective is to replicate the precise movements required in your sport, facilitating your growth and proficiency.

Performance Improvement

We incorporate a diverse range of training equipment, including isokinetic machinery, to elevate your athletic performance.

Enhancing lower body strength, power, and endurance is a proven avenue for boosting overall athletic prowess. The optimization of ankle, knee, and hip muscle development is an established path to excellence, supported by years of documented research. Leveraging Hydra-Gym Athletic equipment, we are committed to honing your strength, power, and endurance to elevate your performance in any sport.

Expert Coaching for Track, Football, Baseball, and Soccer

The inception of the Team Xtreme Elite Training and Development Center was driven by the mission to enhance strength, power, and endurance across all sports.

Coach Hicks has a personal passion for coaching athletes engaged in baseball, football, soccer, and track, bringing his expertise and dedication to help them reach their full potential.

Recruitment Consulting

In addition to our comprehensive athletic training, Coach Hicks offers specialized consulting services for collegiate and professional athlete recruitment. Coach Hicks possesses in-depth knowledge of the recruitment landscape, ensuring that aspiring athletes are equipped with the guidance and resources needed to navigate the competitive world of collegiate and professional sports. We provide invaluable insights, assist in showcasing your talents, and foster connections with recruiters and scouts. Our aim is to empower you with the tools and strategies required to make informed decisions and take your athletic career to the next level, whether it be through collegiate scholarships or professional contracts. 

Shannon Ford

What clients say

Mom to Kevin Ford, Defensive End, Duncanville HS, Texas

“Coach you the best in the business. [Kevin] tells us all the time, you changed his life. Great coach, mentor, and man of God!!! Thanks!”

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